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 David A Helfer, FACHE, CMPE, MS, BA, ACC, BCC



What we do ...

Comprehensive Career Coaching


Whether you are seeking a new career, advancement, or need assistance with adjusting to the work environment, we are here to help you explore coaching  opportunities that will help you in your career.

Personal Coaching


We help you unlock the possibilities to reach your personal goals using time honored, reasearched based, coaching principles.

Executive Leadership Support and Coaching


Everyone needs a 'go to' person.  We can help you develop skills that enhance your effectiveness as a leader in a private setting allowing you to 'bounce ideas off of someone' before implementing major decisions. 

... and how we help you


We adhere to established coaching principles developed by the International Coach Federation and the Center for Credentialing and Education ensuring that researched based protocols are followed. 

We work under an agreement that is approved by both of us before we begin.   

We meet either in person or will utilize video conferencing capabilities which provides flexibility. 

My experience ...


David Helfer (Dave),  FACHE, CMPE, MS, BA, ACC, BCC, R-CVT, EMT


Dave has served as an Executive, Career and Personal needs Coach for both individuals and groups for many years. He is often sought by colleagues for assistance. He is a graduate of a coach specific training course sanctioned by the International Coach Federation and the Center for Credentialing and Education.  He holds both Associate Certified Coach and Board Certified Coach credentials,
respectively, from those organizations. 

Dave holds an undergraduate degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and Masters of Adult and Continuing Education both earned at National Louis University, Evanston IL. He was awarded a Certificate in Advanced Leadership from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. 

After serving in the US Army, Dave began working in healthcare and other industries for nearly thirty years serving as a clinician, manager, executive, consultant and coach
in small and large health systems and private companies throughout the US. 

While many of his clients work in the health or education sectors, he has helped people in all walks of life and industries throughout the US and other countries. He particularly enjoys working with university level students, individuals first entering the work force (or are about to), and those in the middle of their careers seeking advancements. He has assisted veterans transitioning to civilian life and individuals
in need of personal assistance and growth. 

Dave serves the community in many ways including serving as a formal mentor with the American College of Healthcare Executives, is a member of the University of Texas-Dallas Executive Healthcare Council and is the Past President of the Rotary Club of Dallas – Uptown. 

Dave has been married to Lisa for nearly 42 years and they own and operate a farm in South Carolina, the Rowdy Moon Farm, LLC. He has two sons and five grandchildren and he enjoys farming,
NOT fancy dining and camping. 



...Winner of the prestigious 2017 American College of Healthcare Administrators North Texas Chapter "Mentor of the Year" 


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